Below are a series of pictures of the new stands and those old playing fields upon which so many of us earned our reputations for athleticism.  Or whatever.

As we're looking back toward Dupre Drive, consider just for a moment all the female athletes at SHS and Carver in the '60s and before.  Those young ladies weren't given the recognition they deserved because they were never given an opportunity for meaningful competition.  For them, Title IX came too late.  Today is a better day.  


Beyond the track, off to the left, were those storied, hallowed fields where we engaged in rites of passage.  What rites of passage, you ask.  Oh, you know, like intramural sports.

I'm only kidding, of course.  Those were pleasant times, spent with good friends under the endless skies of our youth.

One bright spring morning, Coach Bell had us out there playing a PE variant of softball.  As he was watching our performance, he suddenly growled real loud so everyone could hear, "When y'all come in and off the field, I want to see you running.  You don't run like I tell you, we're going to stop, and that's what you're going to do for the rest of the period.  Run."   Coach was a motivator.


At the far end of this walkway you can see what may be the old stairs we used to race down when going to the PE fields.  We were motivated.

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