Walking back to the main entrance.

To us, this walkway is certainly new.  Those several decades ago, there was only a path worn in the grass by eager young scholars taking a shortcut to and from the student parking lot to the academic wings. 

The wooden rail fence adds a rustic, down-home touch.


Whenever possible during lunch period, yours truly would read while sitting on the near corner of this wall.  Frankly, I'm a little surprised there isn't at least a small plaque commemorating this fact.  An oversight, methinks.


SHS's basic architectural style could be described as yellow-brick institutional austere.  Back in the '50s, as it is today, money (and the scarcity thereof) was a huge consideration, but the city was still able to build structures that were more than adequate for their purpose.  Retroactively adding an eye-pleasing curve here and there helps the look of the place, and this portico and the atrium roof behind it are evidence of money well spent.

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