Barry Brown's photo-spread of Spartanburg High

School's out for the summer and there are no students present, so use your imagination -- when you're looking at the photos, picture yourself there, but you're really not, and Mr. Tucker isn't looking for you with the bad news.

Okay, we're having a private joke here, and you always showed up for class and got your homework in on time....  Right.

When we were students at Spartan High, provided we didn't actually hoof it to school, we'd enter from the student parking lot or the bus lot -- depending on whether we had wheels, had a friend with wheels, or the school system supplied the ride.  Now, if we were to show up, we'd naturally want to go by the office first, something that hasn't changed over the years. Visitors were always expected to check in on arrival with the office.

Which is what Barry did, but first he got a few establishing shots.  By the way, the guy used real film and a better than average camera.

For those of us who haven't seen our alma mater in the last several decades, the place has changed.  Wealth, under what we in the good old US of A have come to consider normal circumstances, accumulates over time, and over the years SHS has definitely accumulated a plethora of benches. 

The arched portico has softened the lines of the administration building, and you may remember a large parking lot where all that landscaping is now.  There's still parking nearby, but what you see above is the focus of the front of the school.  A lot of things have changed for the better. 

Note: Not every picture will have accompanying comments.  Not because we're reticent, but because once in a while, believe it or not, we didn't know exactly what we were looking at.  While Barry supplied copious notes, that wasn't always enough to insure your webmaster could connect the dots. 

For the record, these pictures are posted in the order in which our photographer-guy took them.  Makes for better narrative. 

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