Barry had prior permission to come on campus to take his pictures.  Thought you might want to know. Anyway, he took the first shot, then turned left and took a series of photos looking back up at the school.

The front portico of the administration building is off-camera to the right.  What you're looking at here is some well-tended landscaping and grass that students apparently don't feel inclined to walk on.  To the left, again off-camera, are the athletic fields.


Remember that the school was built on a bluff, and from this vantage point the buildings pictured above have only their second floors exposed to view.


Were these trees there at all those forty-plus years ago, they were young saplings with immature root systems and poor self-images.  A horticulturalist, of course, would express it differently.


We're standing in the student parking lot and the building nearest us is a recent addition to the campus.  Recent to us, that is -- recent being a relative term. 


The original pictures are rich in detail, but a lot of us don't have broadband, and it'd take way too long to download them the size they were.  So we'll clue you in as to what you see here: That blue canopy over the entrance has the words Viking Band printed on it.

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